Substantive Editing
“Publishing an unedited novel is like venturing out into the world naked. For 99% of the population, no one wants to see that! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find Jessica Holland. From her copy editing skills to crafting great story note, she helped bring my novel to life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

E.J. Robinson, author of Robinson Crusoe 2244


"Jessica is a thorough and knowledgeable editor. Not only did she correct sentence structure and grammar, catch inconsistencies, and make suggestions for better wording, but she also provided a lengthy and quite detailed narrative on character development, plot issues, and areas of opportunity that will certainly strengthen my novel. All of this for a very reasonable fee. Very professional work!"

C.J. Sursum, author of Falling as She Sings


"I was impressed with Jessica's credentials when I chose her to edit my picture book. After I saw her work first hand, I was even more impressed. Her edits were insightful, thoughtful, and helped to improve my story. She was able to see flaws in my manuscript that I could not after going over it several times. I would not hesitate to use her services again or to refer her to others."

Kristina Cappetta, author of Mina & Mine: First Airplane Ride

Copy Editing
"If indie authors knew how easy and beneficial it was to edit their work, all of them would use an editor. No matter how contentious a writer is, they simply can't catch everything. Jessica is fast, efficient, and cost effective. I will definitely keep her in my frequently used email list for future work. I hired her for copy editing services, but she went above and beyond with a few comments that enhanced the novel." 

L.E. Towne, author of Knight of the Crescent Moon


As a new author, I have found Jessica and her work invaluable. Her knowledge and eye for detail has helped correct my punctuation and grammar and make my work much cleaner. She has also helped me to structure my work so that the story flows much better. Her criticism is constructive and she has helped to push my work onto a better standard. I will not hesitate to work with her again on future projects.

Keith Rowland, author of Fragile Light


Selected Projects Edited

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