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Editorial Philosophy

Editing is an essential part of publishing, traditional or not. You’re so close to your work that you can’t possibly see all the mistakes and inconsistencies that appear in your manuscript. That’s where I come in.


Though I am thorough, I respect how much time and effort that you’ve put into your novel. That’s why I make changes and make suggestions that preserve your intent and your voice. I’ll find misspelled words that spell check cannot find. I’ll suggest changes to words based on meaning. “Eagles have talons, not claws,” for example. I also make a few comments that let you know my visceral reactions to the events in your novel. For example, “This is so good I forgot to edit for 10 pages” or “Burn!” or “That’s funny!” No matter how much I edit, authors always find these remarks helpful and uplifting.


I become a part of your team when you hire me. I work hard to make sure you understand all of my editorial choices and queries. The relationship between author and editor is sacred to me. Those feelings are reflected in my work. When you hire me, you get all of my passion, all of my time, and all of my experience.

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